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RESPONSIBILITY. What is your policy?

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago – Warren Buffet

Why do you need life insurance? John Murphy does not need any insurance. He knows exactly how his life will unfold. He will marry, buy a home, have three healthy children, provide for his family (from kindergarten to college to weddings), take care of his own and his family’s medical needs (of course, his employers and the government of Canada has that covered), travel with his family on annual vacations, pay off his mortgage, settle his children (add a couple of grand children).


Yes, and he would have saved enough for his better half and his own long-term care needs and final expenses, when he passes at age 87 (according to the life expectancy stats in Canada). We hope Mr. Murphy is not a victim of his law.


Even if you are not John Murphy, we would want you to live exactly as he has planned. But we want you to have one extra thing – peace of mind.


At UZ Insurance Solutions, we help you plan for the life you don’t yet know. We listen. We help you evaluate your needs and work with your budget. We even review your current plans and advise you in case your plans are no longer suitable – at no cost.


UZ Insurance Solutions are licensed by the government of Ontario to provide you with insurance advice on Life, Mortgage, Critical Illness, Disability, Long-Term Care, Travel, Super Visa, Visitors to Canada, Health and Employee Group Insurance.


UZ Insurance Solutions are contracted with some of the top insurance providers in Canada to design the plan that suits you best. Some of these companies are BMO Insurance, Blue Cross, SSQ Financial Group, Foresters Financial, Sun Life Financial, 21st Century Travel Insurance Limited and many others.


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