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For the life you don't yet know


At UZ Insurance Solutions, we help you plan the life you don’t yet know. We listen. We design solutions that suit your lifestyle and budget. We even review your current plans and advise you in case your plans are no longer suitable – at no cost.


UZ Insurance Solutions are licensed by the government of Ontario to provide you with insurance advice on Life, Mortgage, Critical Illness, Disability, Long-Term Care, Travel, Super Visa, Visitors to Canada, Health and Employee Group Insurance. 


UZ Insurance Solutions are contracted with some of the top insurance providers in Canada to design plans that suit you. Some of these companies are BMO Insurance, Blue Cross, SSQ Financial Group, Foresters Financial, Sun Life Financial, 21st Century Travel Insurance Limited and many others.


At UZ Insurance Solutions, we offer a choice of Permanent Life Insurance Plans and Term Plans. Permanent plans could either be Whole Life Insurance or Universal Life Insurance Plans. Permanent Plans provide options of limited pay, which is a whole life savings plan with guaranteed cash value. Universal Life insurance plans offer flexibility combining the advantages of life insurance with investment options. These plans could have critical illness riders to provide a complete family solution to your investment and insurance needs.

Term and Mortgage

At UZ Insurance Solutions, we offer Term insurance plans that could be for 10, 20, 30 years or to ages 65 and 70. We design plans with benefits that correspond with your mortgage payments and life stages. Plans are renewable and affordable, and have the attraction of critical illness riders.

Critical Illness

At UZ Insurance Solutions, we protect you and your family financially when a critical illness strikes. When you or your loved one survives 30 days after the diagnosis of a critical illness, you receive a lump sum payment with Critical Illness insurance. According to the latest Canadian statistics, 80% of heart attack victims survive the attack. 42% of Canadian women and 45% of Canadian men will develop cancer in their lifetimes. The 5 year survival rate after diagnosis of cancer in Canada is 63%. Most Critical Illness benefits are paid directly to the individuals insured under the plan, and they decide how they wish to use this payment. This is why it is called “Living Benefit”. You could opt for the Return of Premium benefit if you wish to surrender the plan, or at the time of plan expiry.


At UZ Insurance Solutions, we recognize the need for Disability Insurance that provides income protection to contract workers and self-employed persons (eg Real Estate agents) in the event of a long-term illness or injury. Our Disability Plans includes assistance finding rehabilitation services and even financial counselling to support our clients throughout their recovery. We offer simple, flexible and affordable disability insurance coverage with free access to “Best Doctors” consulting program.

Long-Term Care

At UZ Insurance Solutions, we provide financial security were you to lose your independence and require someone to care for you. If you’re worried that government health programs won’t offer the choice and support you and your family will want, our Long Term Care insurance solutions will help. When an unexpected illness, chronic condition or dementia strike, we provide an income style benefit when you are dependent. You would be able to cover the cost of care services in any environment, including your own home, a retirement home or a long term care facility.


UZ Insurance Solutions recognizes that travellers are vulnerable to illnesses and accidents as they are in an unfamiliar environment. Our services provide reimbursement for money spent on emergency medical treatment, protection against trip cancellation and interruption. Travel insurance also covers medical evacuation if needed in case of a medical emergency. Our offering includes coverage in case of accidental death, dental expenses, travel delay and many other situations of unforeseen losses while traveling.

Super VISA

UZ Insurance Solutions offers Super Visa Insurance for family members who live abroad and would like to spend extended periods of time in Canada. We also offer a monthly payment option so the full 365-day premium no longer has to be paid up front. Whether it is friends or family visiting Canada, new immigrants or returning Canadians, its vital to get an insurance plan that covers high costs that can arise with accidents or sickness while visiting Canada. One day in a Canadian hospital can cost as much as $5,000 or more! We cover treatment by a physician, hospital charges, diagnostic treatment, prescription drugs, dental, physiotherapist visits and more.


UZ Insurance Solutions offers health insurance to cover gaps in medical expenses that are not covered by provincial health programs. Whether it is prescription drugs for a chronic health condition, physiotherapists, medical equipment to assist in your mobility, dental treatment or emergency medical services abroad, our health insurance plans complement health coverage provided by your province. You should consider personal health insurance if you don’t have health benefits through your employer, you’re losing your group coverage or you would like additional benefits not offered by your employer’s plan. For self-employed individuals, you could expense the premiums paid for health insurance to get tax benefits.

Employee Group

UZ Insurance Solutions realizes that a great benefit plan makes a real difference in a company’s ability to attract and retain top quality talent. We help businesses develop a customized plan to meet the unique needs of their employees. Employee benefits include life and disability insurance with industry leading features and benefits. This comes with a health and dental product with flexibility and cost-effective options for SMEs. We offer a choice of Permanent Life Insurance Plans and Term Plans. After assessing your needs we would recommend the best plan for you.